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Happy September 11th!

Still stuck in Palm Springs...unable to continue my regular life in San Diego.  Cannot wait to continue my fast to detoxify.  I really need it.  My whole body does.  My fast will include Kombucha, water, cranberry juice, etc..  It is hard being around two guys who eat likes horses and who  do no support the idea of fasting-especially my boyfriend.  I am sitting inside watching the hummingbirds and dragonflies fly around the golf course and pool.   Those creatures are amazing.  They mow the grass every single day at this place.  Crazy. 

Guess I should be sketching some ideas for designs and paintings while I am here, but I do not feel that creative right now.  I just feel aggravated and ready to go back to San Diego.  I want to PAINT!!!!  Guess I could take some good photos today to be productive.  Exercise.  Swim.  Wander around.  Think about life.  Think about making things happen...and making them.  My life's journey has been a strange one filled with pain, happiness, disappointment, success, loss, and gain.  Well, just like everyone else's I suppose.  From Chicago, Mississippi, New Orleans, Myrtle Beach, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Oklahoma, Indiana, San Diego...to everywhere in between it seems like.   And a lot of that was alone or for work.  Maybe I should move to Europe.  IDK.  One thing is for sure.  Home is where the heart is, but if you do not know your heart fully, there is no certain home....just like a gypsy traipsing the globe.  I have no idea what I am talking about.  My life is great.  I should not complain at all, but I know I want to accomplish more.  And I will.

I can take this time to reflect the future possibilities and how I should handle my choices.  Becoming more focused is definitely  a major point in my life on which I need to work.     I do not want to waste the time I have.  Nor do I want to regret anything else in my life.  Time flies.



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